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ODIN is a high performance, label-free optical sensing system for real-time detection, analysis and sorting of biological and synthetic particles and complex structures in a continuous flow.

It combines state-of-the-art analysis and particle sorting in an autonomous and incredibly fast process for you. ODIN automatically characterizes particles by size, shape, morphology, brightness, speed and many other parameters and automatically sorts them according to individually defined parameters, tailor-made for your experiment.

ODIN combines a fast and sensitive camera and a high performance data processing unit with smart algorithms in a single device.

A standard C-Mount
allows easy integration into experiments and the use of common microscopes and optics.

ODIN works completely autonomously and provides you with a powerful and easy to use graphical user interface.

Observe, analyze, control, and document your experiment with ODIN.

ODIN. The fastest eye you‘ve ever seen.
ODIN has an unbelievable fast response time of less than 200 µs and controls your experiment with a precision better than 10 ns.

You're maybe interested in some tech specs of ODIN:

    _ 220 fps @ 1280x1024 px, monochrome, 10 bit color depth
    _ Up to 10000 fps @ 400x32 px, monochrome, 10 bit color depth
    _ Sensitive in wavelength range 300-1000 nm, 550 nm peak @ 60 % quantum efficiency

    _ Automatic background subtraction for maximum SNR
    _ Real-time analysis of the following particle characteristics:
    … size
    … velocity and direction
    … position
    … morphology
    … and many more

    _ Freely programmable trigger signal (3.3 V TTL)
    _ Latency < 200 μs, precision < 10 ns