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Sensific going global

25. Februar 2020

We were part of the 12th Asia Pacific Microscopy Conference (APMC) in Hyderabad, India!

There we were co-exhibitor at the booth of Anarghya Innovation Labs, Bangalore - thanks for the excellent cooperation.

It was wonderful to contribute to the conference in the scientific program, to hear so many exciting presentations and to meet a lot of interesting people. Congratulations to the organizers for this great conference.

Sensific and co-exibitor Anarghya Innovation Labs at the APMC

ECP Summer Summit on September, 26th 2019 in Düsseldorf/Germany!

14. September 2019

On September, 26th the ECP Summer Summit 2019 will take place in Düsseldorf/Germany. The ECP Summer Summit is an industry gathering for the chemical industry and its user industries.

We are pleased to present the Sensific technology at the event with a lecture and our own booth where you can see our system in action. 

Link with further information: https://ecp-summer-summit.com/

Investforum Pitch Day on September, 19th 2019 in Halle/Germany

13. September 2019

At this year's Investforum on September, 19th 2019 Sensific will be represented with a pitch and a booth in the startup area. The event will take place on September, 19th 2019 from 12.00 h in Halle (Saale)/Germany. For more information, please visit: https://investforum.de/pitchday/

We are looking forward to your visit!