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Using ODIN / Example

ODIN comes with an intelligent user interface that brings many options to sort, analyze and display particles.

To sort, you can decide for each recorded particle whether you want to keep it or not and see how an area in the graph emerges. Just mark the area around the particles and ODIN‘s sort system is programmed automatically.

ODIN automatically characterizes particles by size, shape, morphology, brightness, speed and many other parameters and automatically sorts them according to individually defined parameters, tailor-made for your experiment.

ODIN can be used to perform deformation cytometry to investigate the mechanical properties of cells.
The measurement of immune cells from different groups of patients shows a significant difference between their mechanical properties. This could be used as a new marker for a severe disease that is difficult to quantify until now.

Microplastic analysis. Measurement of the circularity and circumference of 5 μm PS-beads.
Small PS-particles can be used to measure the flow profile of a micro-fluidic setup.