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Particle detection for scientific applications, research and development

The Sensific technology is an optical system for high-speed particle characterisation and sorting ( → overview), mastering measuring tasks in both research and industrial applications.

CellMOUSE system for particle detection in research settings

Our first product 'CellMOUSE' specifically adresses scientific applications and can be easily integrated into your existing lab infrastructure. Starting from an efficient basic version, additional modules and measuring methods can be added - tailored to your specific requirement.

During many cooperations with various institutes involving highly diverse particles and experimental settings, our system has already proven to enhance many measurement series or even make them possible in the first place.

We will be glad to discuss your requirements and make you an offer tailored for your specific applications. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The most important features of CellMOUSE:

  • detection of up to 3,000 particles / second.
  • fully automatic, machine-vision-based system
  • simulteous monitoring of up to 8 regions of interest
  • real-time detection and characterisation enables sorting of particles
    by predefined parameters
  • ready for AI

Further technical data are available upon request.

Use case: Optimisation of droplet production

In this application example, microfluidic droplets were analysed. With CellMOUSE it is now possible for the first time to capture the droplet's properties in hard real-time and hence directly react on the analysed results, e.g. by actuating a microfluidic switch.
The use case demonstrated here required determination of the particle number per droplet in order to identify and select all droplets bearing exactly one particle.